Who we are?

We drink antioxidant green tea and smoke 17 cigarettes at the same time.

We go to the gym (twice a year) so we can eat 3 double whoppers/ bacon/ fat fries with toffee sunday and giant coke.

We fall in love every friday but we never remember his name.

We hate pink, poneys and rainbows.

We are not lesbians.

We work a lot and we are always broke.

Hello kitty is a cunt.

We are no bitches, but we are trying hard since we realized they' re the most successfull women on earth.

We are not lesbians.

FYI, we are 22 since 2005 and we will always be.

In this blog, (almost) everything is (almost) true. Especially Clo's philosophical statements ("I really don't understand insects") or Mango's healthy lifestyle ("You may not know, but bloody maries are full of vitamin D")

We are NOT lesbians, ok? 2 short hair single females living together don't necessary make a couple!

We are black and white, and, on thursday night, all the colors in between (like a rainbow ♥♥♥)

We love you, even if your blond. (so don't take it personaly when we mention your hair, and trust us, we will)

By the way, what you see is exactly how we are, Clo's legs are 1,50m (5 feet) tall, and my waist is 6cm large (2 inches, you bloody english people, messing everything up with this aristocratic flegme...) .

But don't be jealous, and enjoy our lives stories, because for some strange reason, all sorts of unfortunate or funny situations tend to happen to us (and only to us?).


  1. hahahaha so true! but i know you bitches like rainbows ;-)

  2. Great blog girls ! I am waiting for the book as a present for next christmas !...